Las Breñas - early March 2023, aerial views

YouTube 230312 Las Breñas 1 aerial views around the house 0240 0245

Sometime early March 2023 the weather was OK to take some video sequences with the drone. The weather was OK means that it wasn’t too windy.

We hadn’t used the drone for ages and thought it would be better to do a bit of practising. We tested the drone in August 2022 just before leaving for Lanzarote to make sure that everything was working well.

On the Saturday I played around with the controls for a while and the day after we took 12 minutes which I edited down to just over 8 minutes. The last 2 minutes of the final video contains some practice sequences from the Saturday.

Music: Veil of desire, Armik. On Spotify

Length: 10:36.


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