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the building phase - 2022

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photos - 2022

We were on Lanzarote again from mid-February until mid-March.

While we were there, the external plastering was being done and the walls around the plot were being built. We discussed a lot of details with Luz Amparo and David Abreut and went to the factory where the windows will be made.

I took about 125 photos using some of them to create panoramas.

And we were back for the whole of June meeting everybody and defining the last details. This will be our last 2-way flight. The next flight will be when the house is finished.

I took about 145 photos with the Canon camera again using some of them to create panoramas. And 15 panoramas with my phone.

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VIDEOS - 2022

I took 19 minutes of video during our visit in February/March and hope to get round to taking more during the visit in June.

Which I managed. About 23 minutes for 3 videos.

the building phase - 2021

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photos - 2021

The building work started at the end of April 2021.

We were on Lanzarote for the month of May and met all the people involved in this project.

I took some photos while we were there and Luz Amparo from the building company Rustilanza has been sending us photos roughly every 2 weeks.

We were back for all of November enjoying the wonderful weather and the late sunset. I took around 280 photos of the house and views from the house. A lot of these were taken to make panoramas, 3 to 6 photos for a panorama.

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videos - 2021

The building work started at the end of April 2021.

I took one video during our visit in May and another 7 while we were there in November. In all nearly 40 minutes.

the design phase

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After finishing the proyecto básico mid-October 2019, the first architect refused to continue with the project. She gave no reasons - apart from not having the time - although she had signed a contract for all the architectural work. She also didn't help us to find a replacement.

Early December, Sonia Vargas, the owner of Optima Estate, found us another architect, Alejandro Muñoz.

Since then it's been wonderful working together with him and his team.

By the way: over on the right is a Google Maps view of the plot. It's 2.5 km from the sea (Playa de Janubio) and at 180 metres the highest plot in the village. This link 28°55'15.4"N 13°48'10.8"W goes straight to where the swimming pool will be (isn't Google Maps wonderful?).

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We had the first contact with the agents Optima Estate mid-November 2018. They were very helpful and sent us a lot of photos from pretty much every angle of the plot.

And we also took quite a few during our trip in January.

But we didn't take many during our trip in September. Mainly because not much had changed and because we spent most of our time down south taking drone videos and other videos.

We signed the contract with Elsa Armas, the first architect at the end of March, but she hadn't finished the proyecto básico by the time we left Lanzarote mid-September.

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We'd been thinking about buying a house on Lanzarote for a long time and looked at quite a few houses before and during our stay in September 2018. But we didn't like what we saw and so we decided to have a house built exactly as we wanted it.

We found this plot in Las Breñas. Someone from Natura Design we know went over to the plot and took the first video.

As everything looked OK, we took our first package tour ever (3 days!) at the end of January 2019. We had a good look at Las Breñas and the plot and decided to buy it. The day after we went to our lawyers and the notary in Arrecife to sign the power of attorney.

We took these videos during this trip and the drone videos in September because it was too windy in January.


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