Las Breñas – videos, building phase, 2021

Of these 8 videos, the first one – that’s the one down at the bottom right – was taken on the last day of our first visit in May. All the others were taken in November.

By the end of May, the plot had been cleared and the main outline of the house had been excavated. But not much else. At the beginning of June, the outlines of the main foundations were marked and then these – the main foundations – were constructed. You can see a lot of photos of this here.

By the beginning of November, the basic structure of the house had been completed. The outside stairs to the roof had just been finished, so we were able to go up to the roof on our first visit the day after we arrived. There are a lot of photos here.

During November work was being done on the solana, the machine room and the swimming pool. I took some photos of all this which you can see here.

And just before we left at the beginning of December, they started cutting out the channels for the water pipes and power cables. I’ve put the photos into the gallery “December 2021 – 1 – technical” here.

On the same day I took a lot of photos to merge into panoramas using Lightroom. They’re here.

But apart from all the photos, there’s a lot to see in more than 32 minutes of videos I took during November.


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