Argelsried - the new business park

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There’s even more going on now – at the beginning of August 2020.

They’ve started building on the corner of Ferdinand-Porsche-Straße and Römer Straße. On both sides of Ferdinand-Porsche-Straße. Most of this video is of the building on the north-west side of the street.

We waited until after half past 6 so as not to hear the usual senseless racket of the church in Argelsried. And we thought this would be a fairly quiet Saturday evening. Still fairly hot, nobody working. But we’d forgotten that all the kids on their trampolines and in the swimming pools in the houses on Pentenrieder Weg would be making a hell of a noise.

So I decided against using the original soundtrack and thought the complete opposite might be interesting. And very soothing.

Music: What a Difference a Day makes, the Beegie Adair Trio. On Spotify

Length: 4:00.

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