La Vegueta – and on to Conil

YouTube 180925 La Vagueta 041 – 048

We got the address of the plot of land for sale near the Camino del Mesón not far from La Asomada and Macher. So we went down there to have a look. For a number of reasons we decided against buying it.

The first 3 clips were taken at the corner of el Camino Barranco por la Vegueta and the Camino del Mesón.

We then drove via La Asomada behind the Cerro Tegoyo across to Conil and took a few clips there.

It wasn’t as hazy as on the Wednesday so we saw the higher hills on Fuerteventura.

Music: Ginger Blossoms, Govi. On Spotify

Length: 3:45.

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